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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Baby Boy - Pebbles INC

Anyone like robots??? I sure do, especially cute ones like these! This range has a stack of doublesided thickish papers and two sets of stickers, and as you can see the colours are really easy to match up for titles!
The boys recently met our newest addition (1 of 2) to the clan, baby Harry. They were so in awe of his tininess it was too sweet!. These beautiful soft pages reall suited the black and white photos I had taken. I changed them to black and white because we first visited one day after school and they had ther emerald green shirts on...not a good colour for baby boy pages ;)!!

Have you had a go at changing your photos to black and white on the computer yet? Most photo editing programs have a desaturating function that works quite well. Of course if you like to play a bit more in Photoshop, you can create a stack of effects!

Happy Scrapping!