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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

HOW TO - Folded Flowers

Hi there - hope you are having a great day.

Well, in the theme of handmade flowers for this fortnight's challenge, I thought I would give you a simple "how to" on one example of a handmade flower. These are dead simple and are really popular on layouts at the moment.

Here are some simple instructions:

How to make flowers:

1.Cut strip of paper 12” long.
2. Fold paper back and forth to make a fan.
3. Stick ends of paper together and press in centre to form flower. The thicker the strip of paper the bigger the flower and the bigger the folds the thicker (higher) the flower.
4. Place a glue dot or double-sided tape underneath to hold in place and then put some Pritt Power gel in the centre of flower on top side to hold in shape. Hold for a minute or two for glue to set.
5. Put something over the join to hide the glue and make a centre in your flower.
6. To add something extra to your flower, use a border punch along one side of the strip before folding into fan shape.

The example I have shown you is a very simple version but you could dress it up more by using a border punch, sticking some ribbon along the strip before folding, using some ink or mist spray or whatever your heart desires.