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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Websters Pages

How magical is this range? Websters Pages have a unique style of papers and accents that just scream collage and layers! I love the classic style and colours used, they have worked really well with these black and cream photos I altered in Photoshop.

The photos are from the Myer Santa in the Brisbane City Mall. He is seriously every scrapbooking mummies dream. First up, the kids get a ride on the Santa Express. They have to be at least 2 to ride and under a certain height but otherwise they are fine. After the ride they are ushered through into a waiting area with a reindeer sit on ride and a stack of Christmas books to look at. They don't usually wait too long until they are taken into a private room for their time with Santa. There is a mechanical Reindeer on the floor who is sleeping noisily and ..... the best part... you can take your own photos!!! As many as you like and whatever style you like. There is no pressure to buy their ones but I usually do get one with the three kiddies all together and take my own ones of them having their special time with Santa. Audrey would talk his ear off given half a chance I am sure! Stay tuned for the ones with the boys as more Christmas products become available.


Anne P said...

Awww... Love this cristmas page. Very nice.