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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

I love Sketches!

So I thought today I would pose the question...what gets your creative juices flowing? I have admit that recently I have started to change the way I scrapbook. I guess it is because I am a little more tired than I was last year, I have a little trouble feeling inspired. I have devised a new routine for my scrap nights and I'd love to know what yours is too :)
First thing I do is grab myself a caffeinated beverage...usually a Pepsi Max. It is a guilty pleasure and I try to only have one at night. Then I sit down and troll through a few blogs and galleries. If I have a specific range I want to work with I will go to the manufacturers website to see if anything there inspires me. I like the Websters Pages inspireMe site as an example. If nothing catches my eye, I go straight to Pencillines or another sketch site and pull a sketch. I usually draw it myself so the resulting layout usually looks nothing like the sketch, but it was a great place to start.
The layout above was done using the Pencillines sketch on the Aussie Scrap Source Blog! I actually did it on Sunday morning while Greg was showing me a gallery he found of DIY home theatres. We got to chat, I got to multitask, everyone was happy!
I am hoping to be back later in the week with a tutorial on how I did my little flower for this week's challenge!