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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Do you have a Cricut?

So who out there has a cricut? I am betting there are quite a few of you. I know I love mine more than any other tool on my table. If I was stranded on an island and coiuld only bring one thing to scrap with aside from paper, glue and photos of course it would be my cricut. I try to use it on every layout I do. I really can't speak highly enough of it.

But now I have a new even more favourite tool. This one luckily works with my cricut making them the best team ever!!! I am of course speaking about the Gypsy. I got one for Christmas and have not looked back since!

Here are a few reasons I cannot scrap without it at the moment:
1. It holds all my cartidges. No changing mid cut, no taking 15 cartrdges with me when I go away. Just the cricut and the Gypsy are all I need.
2. I can take the Gypsy anywhere. I used to sit by the pool and design cuts while the kids swam on holidays. I can do a bit in front of the tele while I am still spending time with my hubby. It is just so portable!
3. It makes me use all my cartridges. I had a few sitting in the back of the cupboard because I was too lazy to get up and pick them up and load them. Not any more...I really feel like I am getting my money's worh of each cartridge!
4. It is super quick - I just desgign a mat and plug it into the cricut, no need to turn on the computer and go through design studio any more.

So if you do have a Cricut and were thinking of getting a Gypsy I can assure you it is a very worthwhile investment!