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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Everybody needs some "Zing" in their Life...

American Crafts embossing powder Zing that is!! I have just been playing with this powder and all I can say is I need all the glitter

If you went along to Leisa's favourite things, or saw the e-mail afterwards you would know that this was on her list. Well, if you haven't played with yours yet or you haven't bought any for yourself you just don't know what you are missing out on! This is embossing powder to beat all powders!

I have been playing with the black glitter variety (hence my need to have one of each colour of the glitters!) and I was so impressed with it I just had to jump on and share it with you. All I did was use a versa mark watermark ink pad to coat my raw chipboard letters, then I sprinkled the black glitter embossing powder over the top, used my heat gun to set and hey presto. I know this is the same process as you normally go through to emboss anything, but get a load of the results!

This is the finished layout with the title "glittered" with the embossing powder, not much to see like this, but have a look at the close-up.

The result is a richly coloured slightly glossy and sparkly letter. (I must say even this picture does not do it proper justice, but I hope you get the idea!) This embossing powder comes in metallic (absolutely to die for too), glitter, fluorescent and opaque in so many great colours. I think I am going to have to smuggle in a few bottles at a time so my other half doesn't realise I am stocking up on all of them!

Anyhoo, thanks for popping by and happy embossing!