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Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Fiskars Stamp Press

The Fiskars Stamp Press, how many of you have seen this around and just don't know how to use it, or don't know what a fantastic tool it is?? Well, read on and discover just how useful this tool is and I am sure you will have the same opinion as we do, and that is, if you stamp with acrylic stamps, you must have one of these!

Well, first of all, this is what the Stamp Press looks like. Think of it as a large acrylic block, with measured graduations for lining things up like letters and spongy feet. The beauty of these feet are that they keep your inked stamp up off your work until you have lined up your image and are ready to stamp.

Now you need to choose your stamp (here I have used Autumn Leaves Flourishes v. 2) and place it on the under side of the press, if you need to you can use the grid to make sure it is lined up properly.

While still upside down, choose your ink and ink the stamp. Here I have used a Versa Mark cube in brown.

It is best to ink your stamp using a dabbing method until you can see there is ink covering all of the stamps details.

Now, simply turn the press over.

Line up the inked stamp on your work. Here I am just stamping onto a plain piece of paper, but you could be stamping directly onto a partly completed layout or card and you can precisely line your stamp so you know it will be in the correct place.

Once in the correct position, simply press down on the block, you will see the spongy feet compress and allowing the inked stamp to make contact with the paper/page/card. It is best to use two hands and apply firm even pressure over the area where the stamp is located.

And hey presto, a nicely stamped image on your page! Then, for those who are more adventurous you can use the press to add to this first image easily and neatly. See the steps below where I add more flourishes to this first one.

Here I have chosen a different flourish, attached it to the stamp press and inked the stamp with brown ink.

Turn the stamp press over and line up this new image with the previously stamped one.

Once lined up press the stamp as in the above step.

Now you have a unique flourish, created from two separate stamps.
Lets add one more!

Here is another flourish stamp, again inked in brown.

Line the stamp up with the previous images, and when happy with placement press firmly to stamp the image.

The final result! A uniquely intricate flourish made from three individual stamps. And the best part, it was so easy my daughter (six years old) could have done it! The stamping plate measures a large 5x7" so easily covers amost all acrylic stamps, and there is plenty of room to create words neatly with your alphabet stamps.

What more can I say??!! A fantastic tool once you have been shown how easy it is to use! If you are interested in purchasing one for yourself just click on Stamp Press located anywhere in this article.

If you have any other tools that have interested you, but you have just not known how they are used please feel free to leave a comment and if at all possible we will provide some instruction on how to use them.


Maria said...

I bought one of these a while back at SBC after being shown how it worked - LOVE IT!!! (reasonably priced too!)

Linda said...

Well it looks like I shall be ringing in the morning and putting one aside to pick up....looks so easy to use and I just LOOOOVVVVVEEEE acrylic stamps, quite addicted I would say currently